What can we offer you

Below we give some examples of what we as a label can offer artists and bands:


  • As Into The Limelight Records we can offer you many different services like:

    • Digital distribution (50+ platforms)                                  Included
    • Back catalog (free of distribution rights)                          Included
    • Distribution world wide (Sonic / Bertus) and others        Included
    • Promotion and press releases                                          Limited
    • DDP creation                                                                    Included
    • Artwork check                                                                  Included
    • Production management CD’s / Vinyl                              Included

    Optional services: (paid)

    • CD production                                                                  
    • Vinyl production                                                               
    • MC Production                                                                   
    • Extended promotion                                                          

    If the band/artist and the label have come to an agreement, we will draw up a contract and the band/artist will have full access to our Muzika-P platform and the right guidance from Wayland Management and of course the full commitment of Into The Limelight Records.

    If you need more info check out this link.



Into The Limelight Records | info@intothelimelightrecords.com